Tips to Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Hi friends! Looking for different tactics in growing your personal brand on Instagram? Here are 4 tips to do so that are easy and effective!

“Most people fail at growing because they’re too busy looking at others growing. You don’t see a flower trying to grow by looking at the others in the garden, it just flourishes and shines.” - Val


#1 Who are you?

When starting a personal brand, it can be hard to get everything in order.
For me personally I needed help identifying my brand. I had the idea of what I wanted to become and the people I wanted to reach but I didn’t know where to start. It is so overwhelming! Believe me you are not alone. I started by asking myself a couple questions to get organized.

1.     Who am I?

2.     What kind of content do I want to share?

3.     What is the purpose of my content?

4.     Who and how do they benefit from my content?

5.     Am I passionate about what I am sharing?

Once you have identified the foundation of your content, jump into the action!

#2 Give Value

“Give value, give value, give value, and the ask for business.” ~ Gary Vee

Feed your audience! No matter what type/style of content you are sharing, ask yourself this: Am I bringing value? What can I do to help my followers? Whether it’s a photography, cooking, personal, business, etc. page you can offer value to all of them. When you start sharing value with your followers you guarantee engagement with them. Whether it’s comments or likes and even networking. How are these things going to improve my IG? Two simple words algorithms + word of mouth! Once people start to interact with your content you grow more presence on Instagram’s platform.

#3 Consistency


If you want to see consistent growth in your Instagram pages, you have to have consistency as well. No one likes an unbalanced page who posts once in a while and then randomly post 3 times in one day. This is HUGE; studies show that the business pages and personal brands should post at least 1 time a day.

The secret to posting once a day is to PLAN ahead of time. Take one day in the week where you plan each and every single post you will be uploading that week. If you feel inspired, come up with the caption as well! It’ll make life way easier.

#4 Hashtags

Oh yes! This is not a myth! Now with the new Instagram update to follow hashtags, this is a great way to get more exposure. Not only are you posting your content on your page, you also share that content with people that don’t follow you but might follow the hashtag. Isn’t this amazing?!

Here’s a little loop hole about hashtags: they still work if you add them in the comment section. It’s like they are there and they work but they don’t have to clutter your caption. Another tip about hashtags is if you have a personal IG that focuses on a specific topic/ style just take some time and write down 20 hashtags in your notes and just copy and paste them on your post! Makes life so much easier right?

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Valentina Morales