Matthew Turns One!

Hi there! Who would’ve thought that I’d be writing about my little brother turning one as I am 21 years old? I sure never expected this. I grew up as an only child, and now I have 4 brothers and sisters. We are 13 years apart!

Matthew a.k.a. Ma-chew is the sweetest and cutest baby ever! We pronounce his name Ma-Chew because my other siblings are so young that they can’t pronounce the name right. It stuck around so everyone just calls him that instead. He is so kind and lovey with everyone. I personally wish I can cuddle with him all day long, which I kind of did in Canada.

One of the reasons why we went to Canada besides going to Christmas was to celebrate Matthews birthday. His mom (my step-mom) asked my friend and I to do a smash cake photo shoot with him. Of course, we totally said yes!


Look at those eyes! No they are not fake, YES they are not fair!


He didn’t like the feeling of the cake in his hands. #sophisticatedbaby

Even seeing him cry is so cute!

This was the first time I shoot a smash cake with a baby and I thought it was awesome! I definitely want to try some more! If you want me to take pictures of your cute babies, go check out my contact page and lets do it!

Valentina Morales