Karina + Danny Wedding

Hey there! Two weeks ago, a friend asked me to collab in this beautiful wedding by helping him edit the pictures. One thing about me is I love trying new things especially when they are a challenge!

So I' not gonna deny it, this was a little tougher than I thought. At first, when I began sorting and filtering the pictures I was like, "oh boy... what did I get into". After editing a couple of the pictures, finding the style, the colors I wanted to play with and more my mindset switched. I went from being a little worried to, "OH YES HONEY!" 

Yay! The bride and her maids.

Yay! The bride and her maids.


Meet Karina

The Bride

First thing is first, getting ready!


Meet Danny

The Groom

Don't these look like some awesome groomsmen?

Congrats to the newly weds! 

Congrats to the newly weds! 

Portraits! Oh how I feel in love with these edits!


Congrats to the Mr. and the Mrs. on their beautiful union!! Definetly, starting to edit more and more weddings! Wedding Shot by Chris Duarte Photography

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